We Succeed When You Do

Lightheart, Sanders and Associates is your go-to accounting firm for small business owners and the beauty and barber industries. With our simple, customized strategies and tools, we help business owners find more freedom to lead, grow, and live the way they planned.

Beauty Is In the Details

We don’t just love accounting, we love technology! We use technology and tools to be more efficient, but more importantly to make things easier for our clients. We are forward thinkers and always looking for ways to improve your experience. Technology is not just a bonus, but a key component of our planning with clients. We use it to balance work and life— something we know our clients are doing, too.

Staff That Cares

At Lightheart, Sanders and Associates, family comes first for us and our clients. Joining our team means joining the family. Our staff doesn’t only care about your numbers, but also you as a person as well. We are just as comfortable talking about golf, family, movies, entertainment, travel, and more as we are talking about spreadsheets, profit margins, opportunity costs, etc. Whatever your business is, we believe trust and meaningful connection are the first steps to helping it grow.

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