Beauty Schools

At Lightheart, Sanders and Associates, we love working with beauty schools. For over 15 years, their artistic and creative energy has inspired us in our work. Our goal is to get to know the people behind the school and make their finances work for them.

Our mission is to help you thrive as a beauty school. We want to help you with your finances so you can focus on educating future beauty professionals.

Why Lightheart, Sanders and Associates?

We specialize in SFA audits and school audits.  Our audit approach is designed to work with beauty schools and provide them with the auditing solutions they need. We have been doing audits for beauty schools since 2003, so we have the experience to create a customized strategy for your school.

People are important to us, not just numbers. It’s people who bring life into our work. Learning about your beauty school and your goals is one of the reasons why we love doing what we do! When we get to know you, it helps us get ready to help your school from day one.

Our processes are designed to not be overwhelming. That way you can focus on your school and your life. We aim to provide a stress-free experience with our cloud-based technology and our staff accountants’ experience.

We want to help your beauty school run as efficiently as possible. With our data and resources, we can create customized solutions for your school. These solutions can help your beauty school make the best financial choices and reach its potential.

Contact Us Today

If you’re looking for accountants who care about your beauty school contact Lightheart, Sanders and Associates today. We’d love to get to know more about you, your school, and your financial goals. Give us a call or fill out our online form to get our conversation started!